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ArchExpo 2017 was held on 30 March 2017 at Kala Academyat the hands of..

ArchExpo 2017


Charles Correa Chairs was instituted byCharles Correa Foundation and ..

Charles Correa Chairs


Vistara was held on 17 & 18 March 2017 at Kala Academy. This Year Parvatibai..

Vistara 2017


Goa College of Architecture featured as one of the top architetcure schools in India....

Top Architecture Schools in India


Academic session started in  July 2017 with a plethora of new activities such as Workshops, Lecture Series and Seminars by accalimed international & national resource persons under institution of Charles Correa Academic Chairs.

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Academic Session 2016-17


26th to 29th July 2016

Workshop on ‘ Introduction of Design Studio’  was conducted by Arch. Ajit Rao, for the 1st year students at Goa College of Architecture.


2nd to 4th January  2017

Workshop on ‘ Urban Design’ for 5th year students conducted by Prof. Arch. A. G. Krishna Menon, New Delhi.


10th - 12th December  2016

Workshop on ‘ Housing for Future’ for 5th year students conducted by Prof. Arch.  Munishwar Nath Ashish Ganju, New Delhi


9th- 16th December  2016

Workshop on ‘ Systems Design : Pre-engineered Building Design’ for the 5th year students by Arch. Dinesh Sareen, New Delhi.



Enclosed below are important downloads of forms, annexures, circulars  and links to important websites of Governing Organisations like Council of Architecture , Directorate of Technical Education etc

Goa College of Architecture

Goa College of Architecture was founded in the year 1982. It is the only Institute in Goa offering a Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) Course in architecture, which is recognized by the Council of Architecture and Indian Institute of Architects as full professional training. The College is funded by the Government of Goa and is affiliated to Goa University.  


The present intake capacity is 40 (+ 4) students per year including the quota for other states & UT's of India which do not have Architectural Institutes.  The curriculum aims to address the timeless qualities of Architecture on one hand and the need on the other hand, to reinterpret these in the context of Goa at the beginning of the 21st Century.

Joint Studio Programme with CEPT, Ahmedabad

A Joint Studio Programme was conceived linking it to the Goa Documentation Programme 2016-17 of Goa College of Architecture, wherein the students of architecture were to measure draw the buildings from Goa's history. This was the second year of this collaborative exercise wherein the first year students from Goa College of Architecture and School of Architecture, CEPT made the study of individual..

Joint Studio Programme with SPA, New Delhi

A Joint Programme of Goa College of Architecture & School of Planning and Architecture (New Delhi) was conducted in month of September 2016 for the students of 5th year B.Arch.

The design was a one week time problem relating to Urban Intervention in 3 important streets of Panaji as follows:

1. Rua de Ourem Waterfront, Panaji.

2. Church Square to Panaji Jetty.

3. Boca de Vaca Spring to Panaji Jetty.

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Workshops in various areas like model-making, Wood-work, Metal-work, Bamboo & Tensile Structures etc

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ARCH- EXPO: 2017 was held in   March 2017,at the Art Gallery of Kala Academy, Panaji to show-case the projects undertaken by students of all the years under the guidance of the faculty members..

ARCH - EXPO 2017

Akriti’ the Students’ Magazine edited by Ms. Anushka Coutinho was released during the Arch- Expo 2017 at Kala Academy in March at the hands of the Chief Guest..

Akriti - College Magazine

Working Paper Series (Volume 6) 2016 of Goa College of Architecture,a Techincal Publication based  on the Dissertations in Architecture is under preparation and has ..

Working Paper Series

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Urban Externalities : Exhibition & panel discussion held on 20 Septemeber 2017 at Kala Academy  

“Urban Externalities - A Workshop by  

Prof. Heinrich Wolff , the Visiting Charles Correa Chair from 4-22 Septmeber 2017”

Venue - Goa College of Architecture




Working Paper Series #akriti Exhibitions & Publications EXHIBITION & PANEL DISCUSSION